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Anonymous asked
what percent of your messages do you answer?

I try to answer as many as i can. If i ever don’t answer something, don’t take it personally, i just have ALOT in my inbox and it’s hard

Anonymous asked
Lol @ exbgcblog, IF Rocky is salty about being eliminated, then why is she still cool with Tiana?? Because there is OBVIOUSLY more to the story than that, duh.

Is she cool with Tiana?

Anonymous asked
That girl lied.. the "episode" was a super trailer for the family day episode

Oh ok, lol

Anonymous asked
Don't worry Oxygen cut off the new BGC episode /: so it'll be on next week

They play too much tbh

Anonymous asked
I'm on oxygen and they're playing an EPISODE

Oh snap I’m not even home anymore. Did they show the new ep? Wtf

Anonymous asked

Wait what????

Anonymous asked
supposley BGC 7 Angelic got such a good edit because she sucked producers dicks and slept with them. On twitter Tiara said that Angie would call the producers "daddy". I think that's the reason why Angie and Priscilla fought at the reunion because Priscilla confronted her about it

this is all true

Anonymous asked
Please tell me why they did so much promo with white trash Queen Tess when she was only in one episode???

cuz she’s the queen of all the irrelevant hoes

garrettochoa asked
I want Redd on OITNB or even Angela (s12) 😏

WHY ARE REDD AND JADA (the two jailbirds of bgc) ALREADY NOT ON THE SHOW??!?!?!

Anonymous asked
Why do people like Gigi -_- she was a jump a hoe! If you fuck with Gigi. Don't fuck with me. Birds of a feather flock together I guess

i honestly have no idea whatsoever

Anonymous asked
say what yall want but sarah still a OLD RACIST ASS BITCH

Anonymous asked
what do u think of each season 8 girl

liked Jenna and Camilla

Amy was kinda ok

everybody else was ehhhhh

Anonymous asked
Tanisha may have only been invited to a viewing party for Orange is the New Black and her fans took it out of proportion and said she was on it or some shit. Id think she would have posted the envelope the script comes in to prove it.

omg, maybe that’s what happened. everybody got hyped up for nothing lmfao